Willowbrook's primary mission is to create an environment for success by providing the brain injured with services and opportunities to attain their highest potential. Our approach targets functionality as the outcome. Inasmuch, the staff work beyond the definition of their specific discipline to fully coordinate and implement strategies designed to achieve functional independence.

We are committed to providing a broad spectrum of care to meet the needs of our clients. We are able to deliver services in a variety of settings which may include the therapy center, residential setting, the client's own home and/or the community at large. This flexibility helps to ensure retention of learned skills and overall success.


Willowbrook's founding philosophy is based on the belief that isolated achievement of goals in one or more therapeutic discipline does not readily translate into overall functional independence. Rather, a highly personalized, coordinated and multi-disciplinary approach is necessary.

Willowbrook Rehabilitation Services has been designed to focus on the unique needs of each client, a commitment at the very core of its founding philosophy. With a continuum of integrated programs and services as their tools, Willowbrook's dedicated staff has helped clients and families reach their rehabilitation goals since 1987.

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